Coffee Time – Happiness

coffee on porchGood morning friends.  You are invited to join me for a cup of your favorite coffee and some inspirational talk on the subject of happiness.

Are you one of those people who go day to day wondering why you can’t be happy.  The reason is simple – like attracts like.  You must be happy NOW so that more happiness can flow into your life.   Happiness brings happiness.  Yet, so many people use the excuse of debt, health, relationships, jobs, parents, etc. as their reason for not being happy.  They do not understand that in order to truly be happy, one must be happy NOW.

Even if you are in a situation where it’s hard to find happiness, there is still some type of happiness that can be found – even a little something that makes you happy will go a long way.  Today, begin focusing on something that makes you happy, smile, and then really feel joy building up and flowing through your body and into your heart. Hold onto that feeling no matter what happens through the course of your day. Before you know it, rivers of happiness will begin flowing your way.  

Trust me, it is a Universal Law and there is no changing this law.  What you put out comes back to you so put out happiness and you will receive happiness back.  Just as the little girl in this picture is doing. little girl in the puddle Go outside and play – stomp in the water puddles, put out some enthusiastic, heart-felt loving and playful energy – and see what great changes come your way. Stop depending on others to make you happy.  Live in the NOW moment and be happy!!!

Much happiness to all ~ Kathyann.


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