Wholeness of the Oneness

dancing in the starsYour I AM presence is the part of you that is pure.  The wholeness of the oneness of all there is.  The I AM state can only be achieved through remembrance via meditation.  Quieting the mind is the key to meditation.  Intent and focus is the key to quieting the mind.  Desire to change is the key to intent and focus.  All of it takes practice to achieve.

If you desire a better life then you must make time for this process daily.  If only 5 minutes are given to this process daily, you will begin to feel change happening, you will desire more knowledge of the process, you will make more time for the process, and little by little, you will learn more about who you are-your I AM state of being. Life knowledge and true happiness can only be achieved through the I AM presence.  What are you waiting for?  You deserve happiness and there is no other time than the NOW time.  ~ Kathyann.

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