Master Creator

woman wandererYour soul decided to incarnate to Earth’s physical plane as it knew it would be the best for your evolution.  Now being a Human here on Earth, you are given free will or free to create your life as you are a Master Creator. Once here on Earth, we often become pulled down by the dramas that we create as we walk the road of life.  Yes, believe it or not, you create the drama.  At times, during these dramas in our lives, we feel stuck and feel that we can’t move on or accomplish our goals.
Instead of feeling you have to go through life and simply accept whatever comes your way, try remembering that you created what you are dealing with, good and bad and if you created it, you can un-create it.
Every time you focus on something, you give it power to remain.  So instead of focusing and giving power to things in your life your prefer not to experience, simply remove your focus from it.
It is so important to first discover what you want and to really determine this, you will need to concentrate on your Heart where you Higher Self resides.  When I say what you really want, I mean what you know you need for soul evolution which should always be your main desire or want.  Your Higher Self is where you will find the right answers to all you are dealing with.  Keep your thinking clear, pure, and sincere. There is no fooling the Higher Self so make sure your desire and gratitude are heart-felt. Spend time in meditation and wait for the answers to come your way.  Also, throughout the day, you will receive messages from your Higher Self so please learn to attune your perception to receive the messages.  Perceiving is more than seeing, it also includes feeling, sensing, and hearing.  
You were told to come here and live in total bliss, and no matter what you have done, you deserve to be happy. Whatever you desire so long as it does not hurt anyone or anything, you may have.
Use your Master Creator powers wisely.  Focus, focus, focus and learn to control your mind or thoughts because thoughts create reality.  Stop allowing unwanted circumstances to control your life – learn to control the circumstances.  If you don’t want them, don’t give attention to them.
Chose the road you will travel carefully and remember you have the power to create all good things in life. ~ Kathyann.