Coffee Time – Use Your Contrast Ability to Appreciate

contrast womanDear friends, I don’t know about you, but it’s time for a great cup of coffee for me. If you wish, get yourself a cup and join me.  Using contrast in your life is the topic for today.  

Mother Earth is a planet of polarity such as night and day, cold and hot, etc. We chose to come here to experience contrast which is supposed to help us understand what we want in life.  Being creators and having free will, we always have choices.  Having choices is where the contrast comes in.  For without feeling the freezing cold temperatures, you would never appreciate the enjoyment and blessing of the heat.  I like to look at both aspects in a positive light…. for example, the sun is beautiful as well as the moon as they both provide beauty to the sky and light so we can see.  Can you imagine walking on Earth in complete darkness? If you never experienced sadness, you wouldn’t truly appreciate happiness. Remember times when you were hungry and how when you ate something, how much you appreciated and gave thanks for the food.  If you have ever held a grudge against someone, remember how good and what great relief you felt when you let go of the grudge and moved on with your life?  

Learn to appreciate both sides of the contrast for they really do hold benefits for you.  When the world makes you hard, don’t let it still your softness by holding on to the hardness, let it go.  Let your sweetness override the bitterness.  Allow the pain to break free to comfort, ease, and relief.  Let go of the hate to discover the love in all that is.  Take pride in yourself and your strengths even when the rest of the world tells you your wrong to feel a certain way.  Just remember to remain on the positive side and continue to see the world as a beautiful place to be.  In time, others will follow your example and little by little through the concept of contrast, the world will truly become what it was intended to be.

Wish you a wonderful and peaceful day! ~ Kathyann.


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