Coffee Time – Believe

Good morning friends.  Please join me for a cup of coffee.  Find a place where you can be alone, preferably outside where you can breathe in the air and enjoy Mother Earth.  Get comfortable, take some deep breaths in and out and relax yourself.  Work on letting go of all the tensions in your body by breathing in and out and as you breathe out, see them leaving your body.   Relax, relax, relax.


If you desire something in your life, you’ve been told to ask-believe-receive.  Those are the three steps towards obtaining your desires.  Seems easy, you say?  Well, not all of it is.  It is easy to ask, isn’t it?  The thing with the ASKing part is that you must remember to honor other people’s free will and as long as what you are asking for does not harm anyone or anything, you may have, so ask.

The second part, BELIEVE, is semi-easy.  The things that come most quickly in your life are the things you believe in the most.  You can bring to you only those things you believe, so you must believe to receive what you want.  Remember being told that you must see to believe?  Well, that phrase is simply not true. You must believe to see is the true phrase.  The believe part must come from deep inside your heart and you must believe beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The third part, RECEIVE, is the hard part.  You must raise your emotions of excitement and anticipation so you get on the same frequency of happiness as you would be feeling if you had already received your desire.  So, in other words, play out or role play as though you already have what you want. Remember to include emotion in your process because emotion is what will raise your happiness vibration and allow you to tune into the frequency you need to be tuned into where what you desire already exists.

I wish you all a beautiful Saturday filled with lots of belief and happiness.

~ Kathyann

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