The Power is in the Present Moment

Now is the time to create

Remember these two powerful statements on a daily basis as a reminder of how powerful the present NOW MOMENT is in creating the reality you desire.

“The Power is in the Present” – Whatever you focus on, place your attention on, think about and add emotion behind, will begin intentionally creating in your life. What you concentrate upon in the moment (present) will always make itself known in your life at some time or another. Moment by moment you are creating your future and re-creating your past.

”You can Change all in a Moment” – A moment is really all we have to work in and what we are creating out of. Try it right now, think about anything from your past, now think about anything about your future. What have you found? When you think of something in your past you are doing it in the NOW, if you think about something about your future, you are still doing in the NOW. This shows us that only Now is where the power is; only NOW this PRESENT MOMENT is what we are creating from by what we choose to put our attention upon. So what will you use your powerful NOW MOMENT to put your attention on when you know that it is creating in the NOW all the time? ~ Kathyann