Coffee Time – Know Thyself

christmas cookies 2

Happy Sunday all.  Join me if you wish for a wonderful cup of coffee and grab some Christmas cookies.  I wish you all a beautiful and peaceful day and in doing so, would like you to begin remembering who you are.  

woman of the universe

You are more than you can ever imagine.  You are an amazing creature of creation and love.  You can do and have all your heart’s desires.  It is time to become alive again – see beyond these earthly illusions that keep you bound to a reality that is not real.  

Plato once said, “Know Thyself” and never were more important words and such truth ever spoken.  You must know yourself by monitoring what you do, what you say, what you feel, what you believe and what you think.  By doing so, will bring you into harmony with your true self and in harmony with the law.  That is the law of reality, the law of one, the law of the universe.  Get to know thyself and you will find peace and abundance of all kinds. ~ Kathyann

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