Reflect Upon Your “I AM”?

IMG_1549Today would be a good day to sit quietly and reflect upon your “I AM” being. There is so much involved with your “I AM” then most people believe. So to start with, ask yourself these questions and honestly answer them. Then evaluate your answers and if you fall short of these goals, decide what you can do to reach them. 


Do you feel love for yourself and others?

Do you feel happy?

Do you feel peace?

Do you feel strong?

Do you feel healthy?

Every day for the next two weeks, I want you to perform the following exercise –

Upon waking – go to a mirror, look directly at yourself, and say the following with heart-felt sincerity:

I AM love

I AM happiness

I AM peace

I AM strength

I AM health

Put some faith behind these words and you will become them in no time at all.  

I wish you love and light as you become what you are meant to be.  ~Kathyann


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