Coffee Time – Banish Negativity

coffee with creamGood morning friends.  It’s coffee time – time to relax with your favorite cup of coffee. Today, I wish to tell you how to remove negativity from your life. This process is the same as bringing positivity into your life. There is no difference. If you have something negative in your life, you wish to remove – you must focus on what you want in its place. To start, you must visualize and imagine yourself in that negative-free state right now. Imagine yourself in as many scenes as you possibly can where the negative situation is completely gone. Imagine yourself happy and free. Eliminate all pictures in your mind of you in the negative situation.  Just imagine yourself in the state you want to be in and feel that you are there right now. Feeling yourself in that state is an important part of the process. Throw in the emotion of being where you want to be and let that emotion build up in you and increase the emotion continually until your heart is overflowing with happiness.  You can add to this, if you wish, a little acting.  Take a broom and begin sweeping throughout your home and say the following with a smile and feel peace and bliss while doing it. banish negativity I wish you a day filled with total positivity as you deserve to receive it in your life. Just remember your power as a co-creator and use it. ~Kathyann




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