Popping In and Out of Realities

Yes, believe it or not, we ALL go in and out of realities ALL the time, every moment. Call it whatever you want, be it “shifting”, “changing”, “moving”, “popping”, we are multidimensional beings, therefore, we are meant to go into other parallel realities and dimensions in order to grow. We must experience ourselves in every way possible and since we have other selves that live in other dimensions and realities, we must go there too. The very fact that we experience one moment to be different from the next is the very product of shifting into a different parallel reality. That’s how we experience movement and motion, in our physiological dimension of existence.multidimensional being

Look at it this way, imagine that every possible reality already exists, which it does, in a simultaneous manner. That means that every possible move you could make, every possible direction you could go in, every possible thought you could have, already exists. And remember that all of those “possibles” are choices you make all the time. For every one of those “possibles” or “choices” that you think, make, dream, etc; a “probable you,” is already thinking it and moving in that direction, so to speak. And when you make one choice over another, one or more of your probable selves will pick up the other choice(s) to experience. This is a representational image of yourself, in some dimensional reality, that is already representative of that idea, that experience.

All reality exists now and we, as a total consciousness, are experiencing all probable infinite universes simultaneously NOW. But from the physiological point of view, we seem to experience these moments, one after the other, a beginning, a middle and an end… linear perspective.  This is because physical reality, by definition, cannot allow two different things to occupy the apparent same space at the apparent same time.

Now because we can pop in and out from one moment to the next should serve as a reminder as to how truly unrestrained and unlimited we are as a consciousness and use this ability to become knowledgeable and impact great changes in our lives. For if we know that at every given moment we are truly a different person, in a different reality, completely and totally, we can really allow ourselves to make rapid changes by knowing that any apparent attachment we may have to a so-called history, to a so-called inertia, to a so-called urge for this or that, or any kind of habit or pattern that we think we may contain … is only an illusion.

Because as soon as we change the idea of ourselves, we really are a different person in a different reality altogether, and the only way that we maintain some concept of continuity to a past self is through a belief system that such a continuity exists.  By beginning to dissolve that concept of continuity … not all the way, for if we did it all the way we would no longer be focused in physical reality … but just a little bit, can aid and assist us greatly in accelerating forward in the direction that we prefer to accelerate. Because we can know, that since we are experiencing multitudinous, simultaneous realities of ourselves anyway, from the physical point of view we can choose which of those realities we prefer to exist in and experience in a linear fashion. The idea is simply to have more awareness that we are always truly a different person from moment to moment … no matter what we think we look like in the mirror, we are really a different person. Even the continuity of the similarity of our face, from moment to moment, is just an illusion that we create, that we are perpetuating, regardless of everything we understand about physical reality, and genetics, and chemistry, and biology. All of those are simply exteriorized reflections of our idea of what it is to be a physical being.

Remember, we do not exist in physical reality…physical reality exists within us as a concept. Everything we experience physical reality to be is actually a reflection of our consciousness.  The concept of our body, the concept of the room we may be in, the concept of the chair we may be sitting upon – these are all projections of our state of consciousness, and our consciousness takes the reflective form it needs to represent that idea of us. The next moment we change our idea of ourselves, we are literally a different person, a different reality, a different universal parallel reality, time track, history, everything … totally, everything is different. The more we know that, the less encumbered and chained we will be to anything that we assume our history to be, and the more rapid the changes are that can be made in the direction of our preferences.

Knowing that in each exploration we undertake – our day to day experience of desiring to do this, and desiring to do that – lies this fundamental theme, this fundamental understanding, that in every moment we are someone new, and therefore can be and do anything – anything we wish to be and do. We are totally unlimited, unrestrained, which is what we are learning in this transformational age upon our world.  We are learning what it really means to be made in the image of the multidimensional creation as we are multidimensional creators.

None of this is new to us. As a species, since we decided to also include in our reality the game of “forgetting,” it is time now to play the game of “remembering.” We must remember what it is we have chosen and why.  But why did we forget?
We simply forgot because it is one of the things that can be done, it is one of the ways to explore the Infinite, and since the Infinite, by definition, must contain every concept possible, forgetting is one of the valid experiences that we can have in expressing ourselves as creators. It is simply that, by forgetting, we gave ourselves the capability of focusing, to a great degree, in the reality that we created to the exclusion of any other reality. So that any other reality would not bleed through, would not interfere so that our experience could be pure and refined in only one linear direction at a time. It enticed us to explore the idea of being able to experience our reality, singularly, one reality alone, one moment at a time. It is a valid experience that we can now add to our soul’s growth, and as we now expand with that experience within us, it will enrich the total tapestry of our consciousness as we now move to other levels of experience. ~Kathyann