4th Density

4th densityAre you tired of negativity?  Sometimes it seems that no matter where we are or what we are doing – negativity abounds everywhere.  At this time in the history of Earth and Human evolvement, the only way to get out of the negative environment is to expand your consciousness which will allow you to eventually move on into a 4th density reality.

Fourth density represents the acceleration of your awareness of yourself so that you become more aware more of yourself as All That Is, your relationship to the idea of the Creator, the All That Is-ness of yourself. It is the ability, now that you have third density — which is the representation of existing in space, existing in time, existing with polarity. Third density is having the ability to look at yourself objectively. But that is only an illusion; everything is subjective. The ability to create the illusion of objectivity is one of the ideas of third density — that you can stand outside yourself and look back, or look upon a situation seemingly outside of yourself.

All of this is from you. All of your realities that you experience are from you, they are you and a part of you. Fourth density reality will allow you to experience your reality as a part of you because you are more aware of more of yourself, and are actually able to physically perceive what you have for so long considered to be outside yourself as actually a part of you.

Because fourth density is not only the idea or the ability to stand apart and look at yourself or back at yourself; it is the ability to look through yourself and see all the reasons and all the illusions that you have created to experience this sense of objectivity or separation.  The need to work on moving into 4th Density and eventually into 5th Dimension is so important to the benefit of ALL. ~Kathyann