Benefits of Hypnotism

QHHT heart 5The benefits of hypnotism are numerous. Such as relief from fear, insecurities, doubts, phobias, and negative habits.  It can assist you in quieting the ego mind in order to actualize healing of any kind, open your chakras, allow spiritual healing, receive direction from your Spirit Team, i.e., Guides, Angels, Higher Self, etc. It is an important tool to release the conscious personality from all camouflage (illusion of our 4D physicality world) and allow it to focus instead upon the inner self. The main rule is a change of focus.  However, hypnotism itself is not necessary if there is an inner willingness to explore the inner universe which requires practice to go into one’s heart entirely through some form of altered mentality. While under hypnotism, one of the main barriers is the ego’s fear of being subjugated, even as it fears subjugation imagined in death. If the ego can be made to understand that inner awareness, exploration and investigation will actually enlarge its scope of awareness there would be little difficulty. Hypnotism will become more and more a tool of scientific investigation and will be proven as an alternative method of healing on all levels.  

If you are interested in a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session, please contact me for an appointment in INLAND EMPIRE area.  If you live elsewhere, please go to Dolores Cannon’s website and look up a practitioner in your area.  The benefits of this type of hypnosis is beyond words and peace in your life can really be found. I wish you all a beautiful day ~Kathyann.