Coffee Time – Accepting Others

Good morning dear friends. Before you start your busy day or if you have already started your day, take a break and pour yourself a cup of coffee. Get comfortable in a place where you can quietly ponder on how you accept others.  Cup of coffee and clementines

Now, I do believe and perhaps I am wrong, that there is not one of us who at one time or another have encountered someone who is a very difficult person to be around. A person whose attitude in general is just mean, critical, and hateful towards you or others. Sometimes we think to ignore the statements made by these people and other times we feel that if we don’t call them out and put them on the spot, we are allowing them to win and continue with their bullying and negative ways.

However, I wish you to understand that it is utterly impossible to give your attention to something and not include it in your vibration. The only way to defeat these people is to be happy and put your attention elsewhere. Even if you were to find a witty comeback or completely solid argument against them, what would that do? Someone with such a narrow perspective is not going to suddenly admit they are wrong or stop their behavior to please you. They rarely do, especially while you push against them.

When you focus on someone else’s negativity, you are allowing it to flow over into your vibration. The universe sees the negativity in your vibration and will simply bring you more of such. The only way to stay aligned with pure, positive, all-loving energy is to be a pure, positive, all-loving vibration.  It’s definitely not easy at times, but the only way to keep your inner-peace is to accept all others, exactly as they are, even when they are hateful.

I wish you all a peaceful and happy day. ~ Kathyann

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