Coffee Time – Reality Creation

coffee and cakeGood evening friends:

Hope you are having a wonderful day so far.  It’s coffee time, at least for me.  If you are feeling like a great cup of coffee sounds good, pull yourself one and take a break. Relax and enjoy a dessert as well.

focus on positiveToday, we will discuss the fact that in a manner of speaking, we humans have been given a very special gift from Source.  All of our beliefs become reality. What we believe will become reality in our lives and we will experience it.
There is no area in our lives that this does not apply to. Beliefs pull in emotion and emotion is filled with feelings which therefore enhance the energy vibrations you emit. When your vibrations match a certain frequency, the belief will materialize.

So my advice to you is to work on believing in all positive things you can imagine. Do not focus on the negative, forget about it.  Negativity does not serve your well-being.  If you are generally a negative person, it will take time to change your beliefs but I encourage you to practice every day focusing on the good in all and positive outcomes and you will see a difference in your life soon.  It takes time to change negative habits but it is so necessary for a prosperous and peaceful life.

I wish you a peaceful day filled with positivity. ~Kathyann

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