Negative Feelings and Changing the Past

woman meditatingNegative feelings are just that, negative.  They are your thoughts about something negative that happened in your past and are always based on previous experience of yourself and others.  You will not find truth in your past.  All you will find is past information that is based upon past information and beliefs from past experiences, and so forth.  Forget your past negative experiences and face the experience you are having right NOW.  Stay in the NOW moment, moment by moment, and examine yourself and your beliefs.  Learn to believe in positivity. When you learn about your true self and change your beliefs, you will re-create the past. Then and only then can you let the negative past go by facing it, appreciating what it taught you, forgiving yourself and others, and then let it go. So, don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot change the past.  This is very much a lie we have been told.  You re-create the past all the time and it does live on in its own energy as it goes into the Universe continuing on its journey. Let it go! It does not want to hold onto you anymore than you want to hold onto it!  ~ Kathyann