Coffee Time – Linearity DNA

brown heart coffee mugTime for coffee sweet friends.  Grab a comfortable chair, pour yourself a glorious cup of “joe” and let’s talk about how you are so much more than you have been told.  Sweet friends, I encourage you to seek the truth about who you are and why you are here on this beautiful Planet Earth.  Below, you will find a quote from Kryon, a loving entity who has been speaking to those who choose to listen through Lee Carroll since the 80’s.

“You think DNA is chemistry.  Is is, but only 3% of it is 3D chemistry.  The rest is multidimensional information hiding in a seemingly random chemistry.  Scientists see this in its own way for it looks at the double helix where there are three billion chemical parts in each DNA molecule.  Each active loop of DNA has three billion chemicals. But when Scientist looks at the chemistry, all they see is 3% of it and assumes that this 3% is the only part that does anything.  Well, that 3% is the linear system that creates all the genes in the human body.

All the rest of the chemistry is not understood, representing more than 90% of your DNA, for science is always looking for the linearity. They want to examine the things they expect in their reality. Even when they saw the 90% as a seeming mystery, they continued to concentrate on the 3% because to them it is the part that does everything.  Human being, if you continue to only use your linear consciousness, then this is all you’re going to see – linear systems and linear behavior.

Step out of that 3% and explore the more than 90% of you that makes you so much more than you think!  You’re beautiful!  There’s mastery inside each of you! Seek it and find it!” ~Kryon

Please friends – I wish to help you establish a firm hold on your true self as I have.  Learn to let go of the immediate things you see within this 3D/4D world because they are all illusions. Reality is beyond the illusions – seriously life is so much more than what we have learned.  

I am a certified Life Creation Coach and ready to assist you with opening your mind to see beyond and form new beliefs that will enable you to soar to new heights. Contact me for an appointment within the Inland Empire area. Wishing you a beautiful day. ~Kathyann.

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