Sit Idle and Let the Law of Attraction do All for Me.

You are all energy

I was recently asked the following question:

“I have been told that in relation to the Law of Attraction, all I have to do is think about what I want and the Universe will bring me what I want.  If this is true, then this means I can live a life of relaxation and sit idle… and get what I want.  If this is true, it would be wonderful but if it really works that way, why aren’t others doing it?”

This is a typical question I am often asked from clients.  There is so much more to creating your life than sitting idle and waiting to get your heart’s desires. To make it brief, the following is a synopsis of what the law of attraction is about:
Basic Concepts of Law of Attraction –

1.  Belief – Examine your beliefs about yourself.  You will always reflect who you are based on what you believe you are.  Your beliefs bring corresponding thoughts. These thoughts come back to you as experience – every single time.

2.  What you see as yourself on the outside is only a reflection of what’s going on inside of you.

3.  You are one with “All that Is” or “God” AND “All that Is” is one with you. Therefore, everything and everyone is connected.

4.  You must live in the NOW moment because the NOW moment is all that matters. Each new moment is a new you and you are constantly changing moment by moment by moment.  Your NOW moment is your point of power – your point of conscious creation.  Change your past with every new moment.

5.  Follow your highest excitement at all times.  Do what makes you happy and then spread that happiness to others.  

6.  Be kind, respectful, caring, considerate to all others as everyone is a part of you. What you put out is what you will receive back.

7.  Imagination is the key to creation. See yourself in the world you want to be and then go forward as though you are living that life.

So as far as sitting back idle – this is incorrect. There are things you must do with total belief in the process.  If you are not happy with your life, you must discover who you are by going inside yourself.  The only way to do this is to meditate.  Then take a good look around you and evaluate your life.  If you see negativity in any way, then you must change your beliefs and act on them in order to banish the negativity.  

YOU are the only creator of your life.  Not you Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Friend, etc.  Never, ever allow someone else to control your life.  Sometimes, you need to detach from the negative people in your life. Wish them well and move on.  Appreciate what all negative aspects of your life have taught you – there is something there and it is there to teach you.  Realize what it is, give gratitude and then let it go on its way.

Remembering that you are a Master Creator is one of your major responsibilities here on Earth.  Take it seriously. 

As you walk your blissful path, the Universe will bring your desires to you, not a minute before or a minute later and always in way you least expect it.  So don’t tell the Universe how to bring it – it knows the best way to bring it about.  Trust in the process.

So to sum it up –

Examine your beliefs.

Examine yourself and discover who you are.

Make changes to reflect your new beliefs.

Follow your highest excitement – be happy.

Imagine and believe you already have what you want.

Allow the Universe to bring your desires in its perfect timing and way.

Appreciate and give gratitude for all in your life daily.

Trust and believe in the process.

Be a responsible creator!

I wish you the best in creating ~Kathyann