Coffee Time – Events Serve a Purpose

coffee in a glassGood morning friends.  It is time for a wonderful cup of coffee.  I’m drinking mine with flavored cream and I encourage you to make the one you favor the most and enjoy.  Find a comfortable place to sit and get ready for discussion on how events serve a purpose. Your main purpose here on Earth is to experience events through physical senses.

You must recognize that prior to coming here, events in your life are pre-selected by you for the experience of the event. You must also recognize that every event serves a purpose and you can be choosing of the positive way for you to learn the idea that you are thinking about co-creating the event in perhaps a negative way. And by assuming that it serves a positive purpose and learning what that idea might be about before you need to experience it in a negative way, means that it doesn’t necessarily have to happen in a negative way for you to get the message.

When you realize a negative event or catastrophe is coming up.  Take time to evaluate and understand the reasons for why you created the event. And if you understand the reasons, then you may say,

“Well, now I understand the purpose for why I would have created such a catastrophe, so I no longer need to experience it as a catastrophe. I can now move ahead to the next thing.”

You must realize that when you try to avoid an event that you may perceive to be coming your way or is in your present now, you are pushing it away and whatever you resist, will persist.  It is better for you to spend time in meditation in an attempt to recognize these important events and then you choose how you wish to experience them, either in a positive way or a negative way.  You can also choose to experience them in your dream state which will count for the same experience in your waking state.  There is no right or wrong way to experience them, only how you choose for your best growth.  It’s all up to you.

I wish you all a wonderful day! ~ Kathyann

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