Creation and the Universe

Awaken from separatenessOne of the aspects of this present wave of ascension we are in is:

Creation and the Universe

Together, we are all the universe and we continuously create, be it consciously or unconsciously. We will be creating very differently in the future. Right now, we are stepping our toes into the ocean, embarking upon the new journey to traverse the ocean. But all that we have engaged thus far, are our toes. We have an immense, vast expanse in front of us to explore. And in that exploration it is important to know what we are getting into. What is the new adventure? The new adventure is expressing creation and how we develop our universe. What will it be? How will it be configured? How will it be expressed? What new stars will we discover? What new nebulas? And what new expressions in interaction with each other in recognition of our interconnectedness, which will no longer be seen as a threat, but rather an expression to be embraced and appreciated for it is support. For the more we embrace our interconnectedness the more we will perceive how much we really are intertwined and how much we really need one another. For you are I and I am you.

We have a long way to go in our evolution process, but exploring together will make our waves of ascension much more enlightening. Much love and support to all ~Kathyann