Coffee Time – Movie of Your Life

It’s that time again guys!!!!  Time for a glorious cup of my favorite coffee. What about you?  Please make yourself your favorite and find a comfortable place to sit. Take a couple sips and savor the flavor. After this, please tell yourself how the movie of your life is going?  Be honest with your answers ’cause you’re not fooling anyone. Do you desire changes?  If so, make them.  It’s that simple.  coffee in pink and turquoise cup

You are the Director of your movie so make it how you want it. You have all props available to you. You only need to open your imagination and place a firm belief in your ability to create the movie you deserve. Cut out of your movie those things that no longer serve your best interest. Really take a good look around wherever you are at right now. If you don’t like where you live – start visualizing where you do want to live and place yourself in the picture. See yourself doing things you would love to do in your new home, place people who inspire you in the picture and delete people who are in your present life if they need to be replaced.  Make a full evaluation of yourself, those you have allowed into your life, and if necessary, make the changes. The life you desire will be playing soon so get to work.  Being a Director is not an easy job so stop dragging your butt and get to work. Make the changes now! ~Kathyann

its your life create it