Coffee Time – Destiny

Good afternoon friends. It’s time for a coffee break and you are invited to join me.  A refreshingly great cup of coffee with a snack at this moment sounds wonderful. While enjoying your coffee, take the time to consider what you have been taught about DESTINY. What did your parents, teachers, and churches teach you about this? Ask yourself if what they told you makes sense? Do you really believe that we are all at the mercy of some outside Source who has planned our lives here on Earth to experience what the outside Source feels is best for us?  coffee 10

Many believe that DESTINY is something already decided for us of which we cannot change. This belief is so far from the truth as it is one of many lies we have been told in order to keep us subservient and to ensure we don’t use our creative powers.

The truth is that our destiny is not mapped out for us by some exterior power rather, we map it out for ourselves. And the way we do this is by THOUGHT.  Yes, THOUGHT equals DESTINY.

What we think, believe and do in the present NOW moment determines what shall happen to us in the future.  The present NOW moment is our point of power. Moment by moment, we have the power to change and improve our lives by regulating our thoughts and feelings and beliefs.

Please remember that you are the Captain of your Destiny and only you are the creator of your life.  Do not give this power away to anyone ever.  Claim it as your own because it is your own.  It is your birth-right from God the outside Source. This is one of your main purposes for incarnating to Planet Earth – to remember your great creator abilities. Take control of yourself and your destiny and make it a good one.  You are a Master Creator of your own Destiny!

If you need help with this, I am a Certified Life Creation Coach and can assist you.  Contact me for an appointment. ~ Kathyann

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