Riding the Clouds to a Better Life

Did you ever think you could ride the clouds to another life? to a better life, to physical healing? to emotional healing? to curing bad habits? to resolving addictions? to spiritual evolvement?


SURPRISE!!!!!! You really can!

Let me help you achieve this through a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session.  In 4-5 hours, you can explore the universe and get answers to questions you’ve been struggling with for most of your life.  Find out about why the people in your life are in your life. Find out about life here on Earth. Find out about why you are here on Earth and how without you, nothing would exist.

If you want to go on a Life journey like no other, contact me for an appointment or if I am not in your area, go to Dolores Cannon’s website and look for a practitioner in your area.

My Email: ascendinglives@live.com

~ Kathyann

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