See Beyond Illusions

This is an enhanced photo of a water drop on a dandelion. It is absolutely stunning!  It reminded me of how even though there is much beauty here on Earth, the illusions hide an entire universe of so much beauty and life from us. We need to learn to use our eyes to transform the illusions so we can see beyond to even more of life. Turning on your photographic eye is one way to do this. Try sitting quietly and stare at an object. Relish the beauty of all there is about the object. Then relax yourself and your eyes and ask to see the real beauty of the object and then keep your mind clear of all other obstructing views and thoughts. Focus on the object with intention to see the real beauty. Little by little, an image will begin to appear – the object may become blurry, you may begin to see the object in-depth as in seeing more dimensions of the object – in 4D or 5D. Keep watching as the object will transform colors as you have never seen, and may even begin to float around in front of you. What you see through your inner eye is true realty. Our physical eyes only allow us to see within the physical world, but the real world exists outside of here.  Allow yourself to focus with your inner eye to see the beauty and amazement of the real you, the real universe. ~ KathyannWater drop on dandelion. 150 mm macro- edited

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  1. Good article / thoughts. Kathy Ann, you are doing a terrific job on your websites and blogs!! They all look real spiffy, in addition to having great content. I love coffee and so, your Coffee Time theme.

    I’m curious whether you prefer tumblr over Pinterest. Answer only if you have time and inclination.


    1. Hi Rosalie. Thank you for the support! I must say I prefer Tumblr to Pinterest for one main reason. Tumblr allows for decorating your page and I love to decorate and make things look pretty in addition to all the pretty pics.
      Wishing you a terrific day!
      Hugs, Kathy


      1. Hi, Kathy. I’m sorry, I just now saw your response. It has taken me awhile to figure out how to stay current with all this new web stuff.

        Thanks for your reply. I see that you do like things pretty. I hope you’re having a great long weekend!



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