Dare to Live Beyond Limitations

Society has taught all of us that many things in our physical reality are “absoluteYou are all energy” and therefore, cannot be changed.  And so without any hesitation or questioning, we accept it as fact and go on our way living a life filled with limitations.

We go along day after day and year after year believing we can’t do certain things and since we can’t do these things, we best not ever think about doing them because that would be so totally wrong and against society’s beliefs.

This type of belief goes against our very foundation of existence and many do not necessarily even give themselves an opportunity to realize that they have
the ability to change and be changed. It is one of the greatest gifts we have been given – it is our birthright – to create, experience, learn, and change.  In fact, nothing in the Universes is static – everything is changing constantly – all is energy.  Nothing, and I mean nothing ever dies.  It simply changes form and goes on living.

So, change means living and living means stepping beyond the limitations that have been set for us.

 – Dare to live because you deserve to live. It is why you exist.

 – Dare to speak out because you deserve to be heard.

 – Dare to love because you deserve to be loved.

 – Dare to ask questions because you deserve to know the truth.

 – Dare to look beyond what you see in front of you because the real truth is beyond.

 – Dare to laugh because you deserve to be happy.

 – Dare to meditate because you deserve to know who you really are.

 – Dare to eat healthy because you deserve the best vessel to house your Soul.

 – Dare to create your life because you are a Master Creator.

Creation of your life involves change.  Without change there would be no creation! Be responsible and create a life filled with all that you desire and never, never allow your creations to hurt anyone or anything.

Break the shackles of limitation and set yourself free as you are meant to be.

                                                                                   ~ Kathyann



4 thoughts on “Dare to Live Beyond Limitations

  1. I believe all that you’ve said. Wonder how many others do?
    The main problem, I think, is that people are complacent. They are literally content as they are, not willing to seek knowledge nor widen their boundaries. Once they are convinced they are living a shallow, meaningless life it is easier to cause them to question.


    1. Hi Marsha. It is true that many are not aware…. a very sad state of affairs. I am anxiously waiting for all to awaken to their powers because when that happens, life will truly be heaven on Earth. It is up to us to continue to write posts that are inspiring, intriguing, educational, etc so others will begin the questioning you speak of. Wishing you a wonderful night!


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