Harness the Power of Well-Being

I recommend that at the beginning of every day, spend about 15 minutes to ground yourself to Mother Earth and harness the power that resides within you – the power of well-being.

Harness Well-Being

To do this, you will want to retreat to a quiet place inside or better yet, go outside where you will be alone in a quiet atmosphere.

Close your eyes and quietly give gratitude to Mother Earth for all she provides and to Source God for allowing you to be a part of “All that Is” and providing you with creative forces.

Now, with your eyes still closed, begin to visualize yourself becoming one with Mother Earth and ground yourself in the natural elements that abound throughout nature.

Now,  imagine with every breath you take that you are breathing in pure white illuminating energy from Source.  Imagine your body filling with this beautiful pure illuminating energy with every breath you inhale.  See this energy lighting up every cell until the entire inside and outside of your body is glowing and radiating like a brilliant star.

As you exhale, imagine all negativity leaving your body and your body becoming lighter and healthier – transforming into a glowing state of peace and tranquility.

You are now ready to start the day completely grounded and harnessed in well-being to spread around.

Love, light and well-being to all ~Kathyann