man meditating under moonAs Human Beings, we learned that we have 5 physical senses (see, hear, taste, touch, smell) to navigate through physical Earth and that these senses are windows that allow us to know reality. This is part truth.  The whole truth is that our senses are not as much windows as they are filters. These filters keep out 99% of everything we don’t need to see, and in some cases, what we don’t want to see purely based on fear. These senses allow us to see only the reality we believe in most strongly; that’s what they are for. When we expand our awareness of what we could be seeing, our senses will expand to include that.

To some degree there are limits to what it is we can experience with our senses while in a Human body. Not only do we exclude 99.999% of all reality when it comes to focusing on our physical dimension, it is even understood by some scientists that our senses exclude 99.999% of our physical dimension. We can only see within a very small range of light and hear within a very small range of sound.

Fortunately, we can change this.  This can be done by expanding our vision and insight through becoming sensitized to more of the energy that is around us. When we learn to do this, not only our physical “vision” but our non-physical “insight vision” will become sensitized to more forms of information. This is why now in our transformational age, many people have been able to see things that are “not there” and hear things that are “not there.” But those things are there—just on a different frequency from our own. All reality is the product of varying frequencies within the primal energy, out of which the Universe is created.

Other dimensions of experience co-exist with us right here and right now but on a slightly different frequency. Therefore, we do not perceive them. Now and then, when our conscious guard is “down” we will allow ourselves to perceive momentarily some of these other dimensions. But because of what we have been taught to think about what reality is supposed to be sometimes those experiences cause great fear within us and we turn them off. Those that do not turn them off, we often label as “insane.” But they are seeing realities just as real as the ones we are seeing. It is simply that they are seeing realities that are not the mass agreed-upon reality. Sometimes they experience great difficulty in seeing these other realities and thus great difficulty in relating to this particular world. The difficulty they have within their own lives is not the product of being able to see other realities – the difficulty is created by not being allowed to communicate what they see back to us. Sometimes an individual may be clever enough to figure out how to communicate what they are perceiving. When they allow a smooth transition of information from one reality to another reality, we call them geniuses or from a more artistic perspective, Visionaries.

The main difference between what we call an “insane person” and a “visionary” is that the visionary person has figured out how to manifest at least a portion of what they perceive. We are all capable of being visionaries. In a sense, we already are all visionaries because we use our imagination to create our realities. But because many of us have not been taught how to translate what we see and feel into physical reality we do not even make an attempt to do so. Or, we allow the creation of our realities to remain on the unconscious level rather than on the conscious level.

We can begin to allow our creative and visionary energies to expand by meditating. There is no “right way” or “wrong way” to meditate. Although we are all one, we are all separate individuals with different views of perception. The key to understanding is that our imagination is specifically keyed to the vibrational frequency of the being we are. Therefore, any variation in how we meditate is created by our imagination and thus will be appropriate for each of us on an individual basis. Trusting what we sense in meditation is also a key factor-we are all being given messages specific to our needs at this time on Earth and the need to communicate with all is important for the growth and expansion of pure consciousness. What resonates with you may also resonate with others so it is vital to express or communicate our expanded senses.

Now, to communicate what we see in meditation is fairly simple. Trusting in our creativity and vision will allow us to understand the following thing: as we live in the moment, we know what we need to know, when we need to know it. There is no need to worry about memorizing and forgetting what it is we need to say because we will be filled with inspiration. Inspiration allows us to create in the moment whatever is needed to serve us at that moment. Inspiration allows the desire to expand our senses. Inspiration overwhelms us with the need to share our visions with others, thus becoming “Visionaries”.  ~Kathyann