Claim Your I AM Presence

The power of your I AM presence is the part of you that relates directly to who you are – you are one with “All that Is” and “All that Is” is one with you.  You are one with me and I am one with you.  You see, ALL is connected.  ~Kathyann.

Per David Allen, author of “The Power of I AM” –

“I AM” is Power and “I AM” will free you when you know what it is and how to use it.

“I AM” is who you are.

“I AM” is your center and what you experience is what you have believed to be truth and attached to it.

Be very careful what you attach to your “I AM”, it has the power to limit you or free you.

“I AM” You.

I Am. What is I Am? It is your true being. It is your real nature, your real self and nobody else, because no one else can say I Am for you. Only you can say I Am. That is your real identity, the Presence of God in you, the Indwelling Christ. That is you, and whatever you attach to I AM with conviction, that you are and that you have.

“I AM” is the fact of existence, and to know that gives you all power. When you have to go and tackle the “Egyptians” and your heart turns to water within you, and you say to yourself, “I cannot do this,” “I am not adequate,” “There is no way,” then remember your true identity and say to the “Egyptians,” “I AM hath sent me,” and the road will open and you will surmount your difficulties.

God is I AM THAT I AM, and you are I AM, and you make your destiny and your own fate by the things which you attach to that I AM, for that is what you really believe about yourself. If you give credence to fear by saying, “I am afraid,” then you are destroying yourself. Every time you entertain a pang of fear, or jealousy, or a thought of criticism, every time you speak an unkind word to anyone, and much more so if you say it about them when they are not present, you are definitely shortening and destroying your life. You are definitely breaking down your cells. You are making your body more sensitive to pain. Nor do we lose a grain of good. Nobody can keep it away from you. Every time you say, “I am one with God,” you are improving your life. Every time you refuse to be bullied by fear, every time you follow the highest you know, and put your trust in God, you are lengthening your life, improving your health, and making it more difficult for disease to attack you. ~ David Allen.

So, in an effort to build on these words and really rock your world, I encourage you to spend time everyday repeating the words below.  This should be done before you begin rushing to and fro’ throughout your day.  Face yourself in the mirror and with the utmost conviction, claim your power. ~ Kathyann  mirror image 2

Repeat the following with CONVICTION and CLAIM your “I AM” POWER.

I AM Love,

I AM Wealth,

I AM Health,

I AM Spirit,

I AM Power,

I AM Abundance,

I AM Plenty,

I AM Divine Substance,

I AM Strength,

I AM Source Energy,

I AM Genius,

I AM Beauty,

I AM Life,

I AM Color,

I AM Thankful,

I AM Divine Mind,

I AM Energy,

I AM God,

I AM Happy,

I AM Fun,

I AM Law,

I AM Open Minded,

I AM Young,

I AM Strong,

I AM Wise,

I AM Wonderful,

I AM Positive,

I AM Determined,

I AM Motivated,

I AM Persistent,

I AM Upbeat,

I AM Confident,

I AM Thoughtful,

I AM Tolerant,

I AM Integrity,

I AM Confidence,

I AM Divine Energy,

I AM Success,

I AM Intelligence,

I AM the Truth,

I AM Good,

I AM That I AM,

I AM Mind,

I AM Joy,

I AM One with God,

I AM Perfect,

I AM Peace,

I AM Whole,

I AM Grateful,

I AM Secure,

I AM Free,

I AM Consciousness,

I AM Awareness,

I AM Mind,

I AM Insight,

I AM Revelation,

I AM Illumination,

I AM Enlightenment,

I AM Heaven,

I AM Unlimited,

I AM Harmony,

I AM Prosperous,

I AM A Magnet,

I AM Gifted,

I AM Responsible,

I AM Vitality,

I AM Radiant Substance,

I AM Divinity,

I AM Light,

I AM the Way,

I AM Everything,

I AM Alive,

I AM Calm,

I AM Relaxed,

I AM Divinely Guided,

I AM Pure,

I AM Noble,

I AM Awake,

I AM Allowing,

I AM Creative,

I AM Blessed,

I AM Worthy,

I AM Blissful,

I AM Beautiful,

I AM Grace,

I AM Focused,

I AM Kindness,

I AM Imagination,

I AM Inspired,

I AM Thin,

I AM Vibration,

I AM the Universe,

I AM Master of My Destiny,

I AM what I desire to be.