Responsibility – Abilities and Liabilities

meditation on the beach“You have but one responsibility and that responsibility is to yourself.  It is your responsibility, you see, to develop all your abilities. It is your responsibility to materialize within your own system your own potentials.  I am no beady-eyes spirit. I am no granddaddy longlegs of the spirit world. I have simply lived before within your system and on your planet. Unless you have read the material, it does me little good to go deeply into any specific problems or questions, since you will not have the background for this. The only message I can give you clearly is that you must develop your own abilities. You must probe into the intuitive self, for you will find much knowledge there. Books will help you, but the greater knowledge is buried within the layers of the self. You all have abilities, and you all have liabilities. Both of these come from experiences in other lives. The inner portions of your personality know the details of your lives. The abilities that you have now have been developed in other lives. Those problems which you cannot solve on a psychic and mental level, you will have to solve in the physical system.”

“Essentially, if you are unhappy, lonely, nowhere to go, no friends or friends not worth keeping, no money, no home to call your own, no way to make money, sick, fearful, angry, feel others are responsible for your misfortunes, bitter, hateful, tired of life, addicted to negative habits, etc., etc., it is time to take a really good and long look inside yourself. The answers to your life – not someone else’s life – are inside you and only you can fish them out. Meditation is the primary road to travel there. It might take you time to get there but you will get there with practice. After you receive your answers, you will then be responsible for creating them into your life. Simply do what you are told and place complete belief and conviction behind the fact that they will manifest and your life will unfold the way you want it. One of your main purposes in this life is to remember how to create responsibly. You are an off-shoot of the Master Creator so creation is what you know very well, you simply need to remember and work hard at creating the best possible. If you can be happy, why would you choose to be sad?”

~ Seth as Channeled by Jane Roberts