Coffee Time – Be Happy

Coffee HeartGood morning Happy Friends.  It’s Coffee Time and you are all welcome to join me in a virtual way.  Pour yourself a cup, smell the aroma of those wonderful coffee beans, make it the way you like it and pour it into a very special cup.  I think the cup really helps to make the coffee taste so much better.  A pretty or interesting cup makes a difference.

Where ever you go today just BE HAPPY.  Be happy with yourself because you have accomplished many amazing things and will continue to do so.  Be happy with those who have made you smile for they lightened your heart.  Be happy with those who have made you sad or angry for they taught you something.  Be happy that your pet loves you no matter what.  Be happy because you have a place to live. Be happy because you have clothes.  Be happy you have food to eat.  Be happy that you are capable of feeling emotions as they are part of what constructs your life.  Be happy for the many things your children teach you.  Be happy you are healthy for this will keep you healthy.  Be happy you are sick because this will make you realize your desire to be healthy.  Be happy that you are alive and living in a world where you can choose from a vast array of things to add to your life that make you happy. When you see and feel happiness, you increase your positive vibrations higher and higher and when this happens – life takes a turn for the better.  Positive vibrations can only and I mean only bring positive results.  They are there – you just need to look for them. I wish all of you a beautiful happy day. Now go make yourself happy and pass it on.  ~Kathyann.