Creative Abilities

paint your lifeYou harbor within yourself such grand creative abilities – more than you realize.  They extend way beyond helping you to compose music, paint a picture, sculpt a masterpiece, write a book, play an instrument.  Yes, they are more helpful than just this.  They exist deeply rooted within your Soul and are mostly responsible for keeping you alive. You are alive here on Earth because you chose to learn to create within a limited physical environment.  The cells that compose your physical body are in themselves, creative.  Every act you perform is creative, your creative abilities are huge – but you limit them by not allowing your imagination to flow.  I encourage you to break free from the limitations and let your imagination soar.  Then and only then will you little by little begin to see how powerful you are to create whatever life you choose.  You are a beautiful creating soul. My wish is that you wake up and realize your full potential.  Much love to all, Kathyann.