Connected to All

Quantum World”In this quantum world, all possibilities and potentials exist simultaneously until one potential is observed or called forth. In the entangled community when more and more vibrational beings are offering high conscious frequencies of love, joy, gratitude and understanding, that is the potential reality that will manifest for all. You can help call forth a reality that honors others and all living beings, a reality that supports and encourages the well-being of all, a reality that owns, honors and acknowledges the divineness within one another.

You are powerful beyond measure. When you accept this level of consciousness, you begin to truly transform the misqualified energies and vibrations of others in a loving manner. The nature of entangled or connected light particles is how wondrous information is shared instantaneously across time and space. When you radiate the vibrations of love and joy, it is a blessing of grace.”

~Connected to All by Peggy Black and the ‘team’