Coffee Time – Adventure Beyond Your Comfort Zone

coffee and strawberry cakeIt’s coffee time and once again you are welcome to join me.  Today, when you make you cup of coffee, I want you to really, really smell the coffee, listen to the sounds of the coffee maker, water boiling, the pouring of the water, pouring of the cream, smell the cream, appreciate your cup.  Make the coffee your own.  Sit and ponder about things in life you have put off doing for so long.  I don’t mean painting the house, mending clothes, cleaning the pantry, etc.  I mean adventures!

Now, if you can this weekend, take some time to adventure beyond your comfort zone.  There may be something you have always wanted to do but have been hesitant for fear of the unknown.  If you have ever wanted to hang glide, parachute dive, fly an airplane, climb a mountain, water rafting, etc., go for it.  Now is the time to enjoy life.  There are so many beautiful places in the world waiting to be explored and experienced.  Perhaps just going on a small hike, walking in the park by yourself, go to a forest and walk through it.  Just remember that the most important part of this process is to break free from your comfort zone, the limitations you set for yourself such as “I am too old to do that”, “I have no one to do it with”, “what if something bad happens”, or “I would look silly doing that”.  Life doesn’t wait for anyone so do the things you’ve always thought might be fun or you might enjoy. Do them with someone or for goodness sake, do them by yourself.  Just get out there, smell the air, become one with all that is around you, really look at things, and enjoy the beauty and amazement of the world.  When you love life, life loves you back so get out there and break free. ~ Kathyann.on top of the hill