Strong, Positive, and Highly Developed

Be the strong, positive....When you see a man or a woman doing something worthwhile, who is creating a positive impression upon the world, who is moving forward towards greater and better things, you will find that their individuality is strong, positive and highly developed.  If you wish to succeed in the world, it is absolutely necessary that you give your best attention to developing your individuality by using the forces within you.  A negative or weak individual drifts with the stream allowing life and others to choose what they give them. But a firm, strong, positive, and well-developed individual, actually controls their life and destiny by choosing themselves what is allowed in their life and by doing so, sooner or later, they will gain possession of what they originally set out to secure.  A positive individual has the power to take hold of things and turn them around to the better of all involved.  This is one reason why such a strong and positive individual succeeds.  Another reason is that the more fully developed your individuality is, the more you are admired by others with whom you come in contact with.  The human race loves power and counts it a privilege to give lofty positions to those who hold power, and every man or woman whose individuality is developed, does possess exceptional power.  This power is found deep within their being. Stand your ground and be firm with your power.  You are so deserving of all good things. ~Kathyann.