Coffee Time – Nothing in Your Life

coffee on the beachIt’s that time again and boy do I need a cup of coffee.  You are invited to join me oh so virtually, so please do.  Prepare your coffee how you like, grab something to eat if you wish, find a comfortable place to sit and now take a deep breath in and then breathe out and release all that has you worried or has been occupying your mind in a negative manner. If you need, take some more deep breaths in – breathing in positivity and exhaling all negativity.  Now, take a sip of your glorious coffee, smile, focus on your heart and tell yourself, “I AM beautiful, I AM peace, I AM Source Energy, I AM love, I AM respected, I AM responsible, I AM a master creator, I AM deserving of all good things, and I AM in charge of my life.”

Take note of the fact that you are the creator of your life and there is nothing in your life that you did not put there by allowing yourself to focus in that direction.  When you focus on something long enough on an ongoing basis, it will eventually appear in your life.  Don’t blame your friend, sister, brother, boss, neighbor or anyone else because no one can create something into someone else’s life without their approval and allowance.There is nothing

If you want a better tomorrow, you need to start today by giving gratitude for all good and bad currently in your life. Give thanks for the good things and how they made you feel and express how you would love to hold onto these things.  Now, give thanks for the bad things and how they made you feel and the lessons they taught you.  Express your desire to let them go out of your life and then let the Universe decide the best way to do it.  Then forget about all your bad feelings towards the bad in your life and in time, you will notice they are gone.

What we think and believe deep down in our hearts today is what we will experience tomorrow.  The problem with most people is that we they have limiting beliefs about themselves and their abilities.  This needs to change.  The best way to do this is to begin believing that you are worthwhile of all good things in life and then make a conscious effort to focus, dream, daydream, imagine, visualize and whole-heartedly accept all the things you desire and give thanks for them as if you already have them.

Remember nothing in life is static….. all is ever-changing energy, simple energy that can be transformed with thought and attention.

So, I wish you a wonderful day of remembering that you have the power and all the necessary tools to change your life.

~ Kathyann

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