Starseed CorTauri Contribution Request

MartinThis particular post is about helping someone who is an amazing Soul here on Earth at this time.  This is a special time here on Earth as many of you know and the need to continue sending the message of transformation, the truth about the world and universe, and light energy into the world so that others wake up to the new horizon that awaits us.  One person who gives much of his time to helping others is Starseed CorTauri, otherwise known as Martin Lehmann from Germany.  Martin is a Pleiadian Starseed with Alderbaran and Arcturian energetics. At this time in his life, he is in need of funds to continue to assist others with their ascension process and provide white energetic light into the world.

If you are moved and inclined to send a contribution, please follow the link below:

Starseed CorTauri

There is much to do still to assist Mother Earth and Humanity so let’s appreciate Martin by helping him at this time.  Much love to all of you, ~ Kathyann.