Best Day of Your Life

You are a free and creative Soul here on Earth to experience an amazing journey.  A journey filled with wonder, beauty, peace, harmony, loneliness, excitement, sadness, crying, laughter, defeat, achievement, and many other wonderful and not so wonderful experiences.

But through it all, please remember that your life is completely your own – no one owns you and no one can make you do anything.

Your life is a gift from Source to create and live so why not make the best of it.  Let today be the best day of your life by making it — your very own.  Own it, be responsible for it, don’t blame others for it, don’t apologize for it, and don’t rely on others to make it for you.  So begin today by gathering your strength, your will, and your determination to make the best of today and every other day of your life.  be free woman on the pier

You are made with all you need to make it happen – so make the best of it because you can do it and you deserve it.

Wishing you the best day every! ~Kathyann