Lighten Up

We Humans tend to attach ourselves to so many things… cars, cell phones, televisions, jobs, relationships, time, opinions, judgment, appearances, etc.  We consider these things important to our identity and happiness even though some of these really don’t make us as happy as we thought they would and are rather a burden.   However, we continue to walk down our path day by day pulling these burdens in a bag behind us or carrying them on our shoulders while putting up a front and smiling so others see that we are all together, happy, successful, in control, or the one to be like.

Every person we meet and every situation in our life is there to experience and learn from or to make us realize what we really want. It’s that simple.  Things in this life are illusions – that’s right – not real.  The only exception to this are the main people in our lives that we chose to be here with to learn from.  So with this in mind, how about lightening up?  Lighten up your life by lightening your load. Cut your absolute attachments to things that you really don’t care to have.  Unless attachment to these types of things makes you happy, let go of them.  Why continue to feel pressure that you must have the latest gadgets, the latest car, the best outfits, the best job, why continue to allow time to tell you where and when you have to be somewhere or do something, stop worrying about what others think of you, stop your judgment of others, let go of relationships that are not serving your highest good – simply let them go and stop giving them importance.

A life with less attachments allows you the ability to see the happiness that lives within you.  Look for it within and then allow it to come out and create all that you so desire and need.  Fulfillment in life comes from inside you not by the illusions around you and as you shed those unnecessary layers that weigh you down, you will lightLighten Upen your load, making room for peace, happiness, and solitude.

One way to let go of unhappy things in your life is to remember how it felt to be a child and act that way.  Most children are honest – they will tell you like they see it whether you like or not.  They do what makes them happy.  They wake up every day in anticipation of adventure, excitement, happiness and good things to come.  Most will not stay around people who make them feel bad unless they are in a bad family situation and even then they will most often look for the good in the situation or person.

As you try to navigate your life, remember that the heavy burdens you carry can be let go. You will be not only happier, but liberated, when you learn to let go of things or people you don’t need.  Learn to lighten up – run, fly, skip, and play every day as you did when you were a child. ~Kathyann