Music and Sounds

follow your dreamMusic and sound are all around us and easily accessible.  We all have our favorite music that seems to take us away from the reality of our world.  But have you ever stopped to think how truly therapeutic music is?  Here are a few things that happen to us perhaps on an unconscious level:

1.  The inner living cells of our body are activated.

2.  Energy of the inner self is stimulated.

3.  The conscious mind is unified with the other portions of our being.

Music is an excellent exterior representation of life-giving inner sounds that act therapeutically within our bodies.  It acts as a conscious reminder of the deeper inner rhythms, both of sound and of motion that dwell within each of us. Listening to music that you like will often bring images into your mind that show you your conscious beliefs in different form.

Now sound is a natural healing element that occurs when we listen to the rain, the wind, the thunderstorm, or the ocean waves.  These sounds have a magnetic and magical way of soothing our Soul and revitalizing our cells to enhance physical and spiritual healing.

Between yourself, music and nature sounds, you can discover the power to heal yourself and receive guidance in your life.  You only need to learn to allow your conscious mind the freedom it needs to heal and help you.

As Seth has said, “You often avoid this natural treatment *music and sound), however, and run from frightening conscious thoughts that would in their turn lead you to the source of “negative” beliefs, where they could be faced; you could then travel through them, so to speak, into feelings of joy and victory. Instead, many of you accept the way of drugs, where such feelings and thoughts are thrust upon you, or forced out of you while you are denied the stabilizing comforts of the conscious mind.”

So, I encourage you to listen to music that lifts your spirit, makes you feel good inside, makes your mind wander and daydream and while doing so, allow your conscious mind to show you how to soothe yourself, heal yourself, find yourself, love yourself, etc. and spending time in nature while listening to the beautiful sounds she provides magically benefits all.

Follow the music of your own rhythm, follow the sounds of nature, and discover your own dream ~Kathyann