Coffee Time – Happiness

Coffee on the porch at seasideGood morning friends.  I believe it’s time for a great tasting cup of coffee.  What about you?  You are more than welcome to join me on this beautiful Saturday morning.  I am presently sitting at La Jolla Cove.  Been up sitting out on the rocks since before sunrise and really could use a cup of coffee right now. So, while I go fix my cup, you fix yours, find a comfortable place to sit and relax and I’ll join you back here in a few.  Remember, this is your time to relax before you start into your weekend activities.  If you’ve already started your weekend activities then take a break and consider what happiness means to you and all the ways you look for it.

Those who know me will tell you that I find complete happiness at the beach.  Lately, I seem to find utmost peace and serenity at the peace which equals complete happiness to me and that’s the only place I want to be.  I got to wondering why I don’t feel as happy when I am somewhere other than the beach.  My husband shared his thoughts on it and I believe he’s right.  Now, he loves the beach as much as I do, but he can also feel happiness in other places as well.  No matter where he is, he looks for something positive to appreciate and be happy about.  To him, it’s that simple.  So he explained that there is nothing wrong with me wanting to be at the beach but when I have to be at the beach to be happy….. that’s a problem.  It’s every human’s desire to be happy and everyone looks for happiness in different ways,such as, health, achievements, material possessions, career, money, travel, family, healthy relationships, etc., but these things will only bring temporary happiness.  He went on to remind me that true and permanent happiness is found inside yourself.  It is the state of being that brings peace and happiness no matter what circumstances are going on around you.  Permanent happiness comes from you choosing to be happy all the time.  He also reminded me of the Law of Attraction – when you choose happiness and gratitude, the Universe has no other choice but to bring you more things to be happy about.  So my lesson is to look for happiness in all things no matter where I am and no matter what is going on around me.  Give gratitude for all things and all situations and remember that I and only I am responsible for my own happiness.  la jolla cove 8.14

Enjoy your coffee and I wish you all a wonderful weekend and much happiness. Remember to look and find the happiness within you and bring it forth into your outer world. ~Kathyann.


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