Coffee Time – Human Evolvement Will Not be Stopped

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Good morning friends! Time for a gloriously rich, bold, strong cup of coffee with a croissant.  What about you? Are you in the mood for a cup? If so, join me for a virtual time together as we discuss human evolution.  Give yourself something to think about this weekend.

I wish to inform you that there is something beautiful and magical happening in our world and universe at this time.  It has been happening for a while now and will continue for a little while longer.  We are multi-dimensional beings and the Human species living on 4th dimensional Earth have been given the opportunity to evolve and move into another Earth – into a 5th dimensional Earth.  This will be a world where we as Humans remember so much more of who we really are.

Now there has been confusion of dimensions and densities.  They are not interchangeable as some believe.  Within the reality we call 3rd dimension is actually a 4th dimensional reality which is physical.  Within this 4th dimensional reality, we are actually going into what some people refer to as 4th density and this is because they are sometimes confusing the idea of the transference from 3rd dimension to 4th dimension. However, there is no 4th dimension transference because we are already there.  So going into 4th density is actually going into the 5th dimension.  In going into the 5th dimension, we will find there is still physicality and some degree of polarity. But there is much more flexibility in space and time – it is more slippery, unstuck, unglued so that we can experience more synchronicity which is our physical translation that everything is happening at once and that everything is connected.  One suggestion while transferring from the 4th to 5th dimension is to relax the idea of that structure that has been imposed upon your consciousness and let it be a little bit loser so that you experience more of the NOW thus relaxing the concept of space and time so that you can be a little more slippery in space and time and find your consciousness a little more fluid and moving around in space and time.  It is these kinds of things that will tell you that you are uplifting your frequency, uplifting your vibration, expanding your consciousness and becoming more aware that you are living in the NOW because in the NOW by definition means that all things exist are occurring at the same time.  So by living in the here and NOW, the less you will need the concept of space and time because there are less things to focus on.  When people focus on too many details and believe they have to make their life work by going through this step and this step and this step, they are creating more steps that then require more space and time in which to exist. But if you understand yourself more holistically, and just go from here to there and skip the intervening steps then you need less time and will experience less time and space.  You will live for the NOW where everything is.  And you will recognize that everything is just already here and NOW and you will be able to access it easier and the symptoms of that access will be more synchronicity and more slippage in space and time and more sensitivity to perceiving with your senses other vibrations, other dimensions, other realities, other frequencies of energies.  That is why more and more people are seeing more things from other realities, seeing colors and light they never saw before, seeing spacecraft moving in other dimensions, seeing spirits of people who have passed on into the spirit realm.  More and more this is coming forth into our society because people are becoming more heightened in their sensitivity to things that are representative of what is really here and NOW. Whereas previously, 99% of this was filtered out but now many are not doing so much filtering and are connecting more and more to their inner beingness and living in the NOW moment.

The 5th dimension is the last level of physicality beyond that it is more quasi-physical, quasi-energy beings.  But Humans are just going into the very beginning of that level as a society.  So allow yourself to live as you are meant to live, experience and evolve in the NOW.  All humans everywhere will evolve in one way or another and at one time or another.  Moving on, changing, and growing is inevitable.

As our planet continues its transformation into fourth dimension, those that choose to experience fourth dimension will create that experience for themselves, and those who do not will create a parallel existence in which they will exist in that way.  You will find that there may be many ways in which they will, and you will, vanish from each other’s reality. Either they will seem to die off to you, or you will seem to die off to them. Or in time, as the acceleration proceeds, you can simply witness that those individuals will no longer be within your reality. They will simply disappear. It is the formation, in a sense, of a particular parallel Earth. One that will experience the fourth dimension reality and one which may choose to continue another variation of third density and separation, in that way. It will be up to each individual as to when they choose to proceed.


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