Coffee Time – Feel Good and Think Good

good morning coffee peace and loveHappy Saturday morning friends.  It’s time for a wonderful happy cup filled to the rim with coffee!!!!  Please feel free to join me for a few minutes of relaxation, time for yourself, and a few good thoughts.

So you have had negative thoughts about yourself, others, the world in general…… and you wonder why your life is not a happy place.  All things begin with thoughts.  So if you’ve been thinking negative thoughts, simply forget them and begin to think about things that make you feel good inside and make you happy.  By doing this each and every NOW moment, you will shift yourself to a whole different frequency where negativity does not exist.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world with only positivity everywhere?  No matter what you have thought or done before, it is gone so let it go, NOW is where all your power is!  Right now you can use your power and shift yourself to a place you long to be.  When you know and do this, you can live your life without fear or regrets because you can always think good thoughts NOW.  Why wait, get started thinking good thoughts and see your life change for the better. Feeling good and thinking good – go hand in hand….. you can’t have one without the other.

I wish you all a day filled with good feeling happy thoughts! ~ Kathyann

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