Remembering Infinity: Our “Miracle Machines”

Thanks for posting this much need to hear article. Stargazer, you are totally right when you say we should love our bodies more and appreciate what they do for us. They are truly amazing and we should respect them and speak kind words on a daily basis. Dolores Cannon received so many ET messages pertaining to humans in general and they expressed their amazement about us. If they are amazed about us Humans, how much more should we be amazed about ourselves. ~Kathyann.

Remembering Infinity

Do you treat your physical body with the respect, care, and love that it truly deserves?Just think of all the wonderful things we’re able to experience–simply because of our human bodies!

One of the things I’ve been giving a great deal of thought lately is the relationship that we humans have with our physical bodies. It has taken me quite a while to understand and accept it, but I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that I am not my body. Now I realize this may seem to be a strange concept to some—and I understand their skepticism, for I was once a bit doubtful myself.

What I suppose I should say is that we are not the body itself—rather, we are the conscious awareness that temporarily resides in it. OK, I guess that’s probably as clear as mud. First, let me define “conscious awareness” as being the part of you that recognizes itself as you. The part that sits here reading this and thinks…

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