Out of Work — Stop Wishing

Many people are getting progressively more depressed from being out of work. The longer they are out of work, the less trust they have in themselves and their ability to find work in something that’s going to excite them. Stop wishing for the right job to come along. Instead, create it.

The answer to this is to create what excites you to be your job. If you look around for an already existing job and you don’t find something that excites you, then allow what excites you to become your job. Somebody had to start the jobs that exist in your society. They didn’t always exist in the format that they exist in now. Someone had to say, “Wait a minute! Look around; the thing that really excites me the most, there isn’t a job for. I guess I had better start one.” And now, at this point in time, you think that’s a typical job.

But if you look around and do not find something that excites you; if you look around and find that your path simply does not lead you into these things, then allow yourself to truly examine in all honesty what it is that really would be exciting. Take it for granted that you then – if that thing really excites you, and no one else at this point is doing it, or you do not attract into your life an opportunity to do it where it already exists – then take it for granted that your ability to conceive of what it is that excites you the most also represents your ability to create that to be the job that will support you – automatically. Again, this is a matter of truly trusting that what you come up with, what you really know would excite you in life, you are capable of doing, whether any structure already exists for it or not. If no such structure exists, then it means that because you thought of it, you have the structure inherent within you, and all you have to do is let it out. Let it unfold, and then the reality will he able to build itself on that structure. Let the idea out and build it from there. When you trust and belief in this process, your exciting idea for work will come to fruition.

~ Kathyann