Christmas Dress

christmas dressI put on this glorious Christmas dress and absolute magic happened.

My body began to tingle as the dress jingled.

My mind became lighter and I began to fly higher and higher.

I felt such elatement as I flew through the sky examining the stars and planets as they flew by.

As I soared through the air, I beheld the beauty of the world at this special time of year.

I saw people smiling, laughing, and more courteous than usual as they rushed to meet with family and friends everywhere.

I wondered in awe at how beautiful the world really is and how much people really know how to love in bliss.

This beautiful dress lit up with lights of all colors, woven into a bounty of rich silk made my heart flutter.

I realized then how I must contribute happiness to all that exists. For happiness my life shall consist.

And so I shall always remember this beautiful Christmas dress that taught me how I can progress and how people really know in their hearts who they are.

May we all keep the Christmas spirit of love in our hearts and remember the love we must impart.

Should you begin to lose that love appeal, put on a beautiful Christmas dress and allow yourself to heal.

~ Kathyann



Painting by Jimmy Lawlor