Who Cares What They Think

Yes, that’s right. Who cares what they think.  It is in your best interest if you walk your path and give no attention to what others around you think about you. It is none of your business what they think or believe about you. You have no business measuring yourself against other people or comparing yourself to other people and what anyone thinks about you is none of your business because that’s not what your business is all about. Your business is about being yourself as fully as you can — that is who cares what they thinkyour purpose in life. If you are not willing to be yourself, all the people who would be attracted to the gift you have to give are being deprived of your gift. Why would you do that to them? Why would you hold yourself back from people who are looking for YOU. You think in a sense that you are doing something humble but you are being arrogant in hoarding your gift and keeping it from people who might need it. Relax and remember you would not be where you are or have the gift that you have if there wasn’t someone who needed it. The fact that you have something to give defines the reality that there must by definition be somebody who needs to receive it. So don’t hold back the gift that you are. Someone is waiting to receive it. Don’t make them wait. And when you don’t make them wait, you won’t be waiting yourself.  Channel more of yourself and stop arguing with creation about how valuable you are regardless of what others think or believe. Creation does not make mistakes.

Live your life in the manner you see fits you the best, in the manner that excites you the most with no worries or cares as to what others think of you.  Be your amazing and unique self with respect and love to all – for that is what we are all here for.  ~ Kathyann.

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