Coffee Time – Best Self Talk – Talk to God Ever by Abraham

In need of a little break fromProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset your daily routine?  Well then, let’s do it.  Pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee drink, fix it the way you like and don’t forget to pour it into a very special cup.  Seriously, I really enjoy pretty cups for my coffee.  They always make me feel special.  Join me in watching a beautiful video from Abraham with advise on how to empower yourself and raise your frequency.  The words from Abraham through Esther’s voice are just beautiful and magical and so empowering.  I would suggest listening to this daily or certainly whenever you are feeling down.  Take the time right now to sit back, enjoy the self-empowering words and the photos of some beautiful places here on Earth and enjoy.  Remember, you are amazing and deserve to have all amazing and wonderful things.


Lots of love to you,