More Lives Than the Ocean has Waves

more lives than the ocean has wavesImagine YOU having more lives than the ocean has waves?  An amazing and incredible thought and oh so true. Perhaps you have heard at one time or another that the human species is a multi-dimensional being.  Did you ever wonder what that means or did you simply ignore the statement believing it to be untrue and never thinking about it again.  Humans are one of many species in existence and we are very special.  We have the ability to create our life and we do so consciously (aware) and unconsciously (unaware) every moment by moment by moment.  We are Souls living a Human experience on Earth.

The purpose of the existence of our Souls is to experience life in all different manners thus allowing “All that Is” or “God” to experience all exists.  We are fragments of energy from “All that Is” being created by thought form.  All that we experience is being experienced by “All that Is” from different perspectives for the growth of our Souls and the growth of “All that Is”.

There are many dimensions of reality within many dimensions of reality and all is going on at the same time (simultaneously).  Every time you make a major conscious choice in your life, a spark of energy (another part of you) is created and goes on to live the other choice you chose not to experience in your particular focus that you engage in your present life.  So, let’s say your boyfriend proposes marriage to you and you accept the proposal and marry.  At that exact time you made the choice to marry, another you was created and went on into another time and space and did not marry your boyfriend but rather married someone else or remained single.  The other you continues to create other “yous” every time they make a major decision and the same goes for you.  This process goes on and on.  Other “yous” are continually being created and living choices they choose not to experience.  There are parts of you that exist in other dimensions and parts of you that exist in this same dimension but are living perhaps in other states or countries here on Earth.  All that is being experienced by all parts of your Soul are contributing to the growth and evolution of your Soul and “All that Is”.

There really are more “yous” than there are waves in the ocean and you do cross paths with some of these other “yous” without realizing it.  At times, you interact with each other in the dream state and assist one another in various ways.  One reason why it is important to pay attention to your dreams.  Life really does continue and transform from one life to another life and you are so much more powerful than you remember.  Please pay attention to your dreams and give an intent before you go to sleep each night that you will remember your dream and will be given an interpretation of the dream as it relates to your present focused life.  There are things to learn about and many important messages to receive from the others.  You are so important to the creation of all that exists.  Without you, nothing would exist.  ~ Kathyann.