Ho’oponopono Healing and Zero Limits

zero limitsIf you wish to get to the zero limits where you can clear and clean a situation, circumstance or event in your life that is holding you back from progressing as a Soul and making the best of your life here on Earth, I highly recommend you read the book by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D., titled, “Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More”.  This type of clearing and healing is similar to what Seth spoke about through Jane Roberts when he spoke about the Mirror Reflection process, Bashar calls it neutralizing everything as nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it.

As Humans with emotions, we attach ourselves to others, to events, circumstances or situations as creators. In doing so, some of these are attached with negative feelings and those negative events need to be healed before we can release them and move on.  The fact that we are all one and therefore connected, we are all responsible for each other’s actions especially those actions that have come into our experience.  If we are experiencing negative aspects of something someone else did, it is because we chose to experience it also.  Sometimes, the choices we make to experience these situations cause us and the other person hurt or harm.  Many times, these situations are difficult to heal and the hurt feelings remain deep inside and prevent healing.

The whole process is very simple but rather needs to be examined sincerely, felt with emotion, and a sincere desire for healing expressed.  First, the situation, event, circumstance or person needs to be called up in a mental fashion and then the following 4 phrases repeated in the same mental fashion:

1.  I love you ___________(insert name of person, if applicable).

2.  I am sorry for this.

3.  Please forgive me.

4.  Thank you.

I encourage you to read the book for more information on how the process works and read the true story of how Dr. Hew Len worked as the staff psychologist at a mental hospital for the criminally insane. Patients were sedated and shackled. Employees quit on a regular basis. Yet all of the patients were healed and released as Dr. Len worked on cleaning himself of what he calls data, our subconscious programming of recorded memories, thus healing the patients.  For me, it is amazing proof of what Ho’oponopono can do, to have all the criminally insane patients healed and released without Dr. Len even seeing them. He read their information in their patient charts and worked on what data came up in himself of his perception of each patient. Then let it go for the Divine to take over and clean up or transform the situation to a neutral state.

Heal yourself, heal others, and heal the world — the best possible solution to spreading love to all.  ~ Kathyann.