Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse – April 4, 2015

blood moon meditation

The magic is happening now!  Step up and get on board with the evolution that is happening all over the world.  With this special blood moon and lunar eclipse, many thousands of people are joining the revolution and allowing themselves to be blessed by releasing all their old beliefs that no longer serve their best interest and ALLOWING themselves to be enlightened to the fact that they are more than they’ve been told.  They are beautiful Souls who chose to experience physicality and limitations but with the intention that they would remember how to allow those limitations to serve them to the best interest of themselves and others on Earth.  Not only is humanity’s consciousness expanding, Mother Earth and all of the universes are expanding their consciousness too.  This is a powerful gateway for all to further the ascension process for everyone and everything.

Don’t get left behind – I encourage you to go outside and truly ground with Mother Earth, meditate under the moon and release all things that are keeping you from moving into the 5th dimension.  This is an emotional time that will serve your Soul in the most extraordinary manner.  Be real, be true, be honest, be alive, feel your power, feel your worth, feel love, feel peace, feel harmony, feel that you are one with all, feel love for all that exists.

I love you all!