Allow Your Dreams to Manifest

hold on to your dreams

The Law of Attraction states that you get what you place thought on or focus on.  So to begin with, it’s important to control your thoughts.  But there is more to it than thinking about something and having it manifest.  You must believe in that which you think about.  A belief is a thought that is thought about over and over until there is no doubt in it.  So when you have your belief deeply rooted, you begin to place emotions behind the fact that what you are thinking and believing is real.  When you truly belief something and focus on that something for a good amount of time, give gratitude for it, it has no other choice but to manifest into your experience.  The law is quite simple and at times we often make it more difficult than necessary.  We manifest our thoughts continuously without awareness because that is how we Humans are made….. we are Master Creators.  If you don’t believe you hold this great gift of manifesting, I would encourage you to deliberately create something you are really, really wanting by doing the following exercise:

1.  What do you want?  Think about it.

2.  When you have decided, focus on it for 20 seconds. Visualize yourself with what you want.

3.  Believe without doubt that you have it.  This is where the “knowing” comes in.

4.  Put forth the emotions/feelings of how you would feel if you really did have it.  Conjure up all those wonderful happy feelings inside you and burst with excitement.

5.  Give gratitude to the Universe for providing it to you.

6.  Claim it as yours even if you do not see it.

7.  Get on and stay on your happy cloud.

8.  Allow the Universe to bring it in whatever way they see as most appropriate.  Do not expect it to come in a certain manner or force circumstances to arrange for it to come.  This is the Universe’s part.

9.  Now let go of your expectations and trust completely that it will come into your experience.

You are a Master Creator and you are so deserving of all good things.  Every day appreciate life in general, yourself and the wonders of Source and the Universe.  Allow your dreams to manifest.

I wish you happy creating in a more responsible and deliberate manner! ~ Kathyann